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The cost with purchase a property;

Purchase costs

This is a tax you have to pay when buying a property - at the moment this amounts to 9% to 10% of the purchase price - and this must be paid at the notary, if the transaction has taken place. If the buyer not need a mortgage, these costs are lower (+/- 7%).



This tax is paid only when performing the sales transaction, and the law clearly indicates that this must be paid by the seller of the property.



This is a tax levied by the municipality and must be paid once a year. The amount is determined (appraised value) by the municipality.


In principle:

- If no mortgage needed, this amount would be about 7% (cost of purchase, Notary, taxes and registrations)

- If you do need a mortgage with this purchase, this is about 9% to 10% (cost of purchase, mortgage, Notary, taxes and registrations)

Keep in mind that most Spanish banks to non-residents of Spain, up to 65 to 70% of the appraised value to be able to provide mortgage.


Costs for a Spanish mortgage:

- 1% Aflsuitprovisie.

- Notary fees for preparing the mortgage.

- Fees for the registration of the mortgage.

- Administration fees for the processing of all documents.

- Registration tax for the registration of the mortgage.


This information is for guidance only and is not a substitute for proper legal advice!

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The prices you find on this web always include the commission of our agency. We never charge any additional or “hidden” commissions on top of that. Apart from the property price the buyer will only pay the taxes and the notary expenses that round up to 8% of the value declared in the title deed.