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Costa Adeje is the latest tourist resort of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Out of nowhere west of Playa de las Americas and named after the nearby village of Adeje, that nothing in this resort town has to do. Officially, Costa Adeje, not even a village or town, but there is a designated tourist area at Las Americas.

Who in the late nineties and the beginning of this century went to Costa Adeje was often felt in half a pit trap. Many hotels were affected by construction activities in the immediate area and the shopping centers were often still under construction or only partly occupied by shops, restaurants and bars. Meanwhile, the place almost entirely "off" and there are only few places to build. Who on the outskirts book a hotel or apartment must be careful in terms of construction and it is wise to inform in advance or immediately adjacent to the building work.

Anyone who visits Costa Adeje will notice that this place exudes luxury in every respect more than any other places in Tenerife. Here you will find mostly people with well-filled exhibition, which some do not hesitate using flashy designer clothes, expensive sunglasses and the latest bags from brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci to show how much money they have. The pinnacle of this opulent lifestyle, the ostentatious luxury Hotel Bahia del Duque. Here you will find mostly wealthy Europeans, Russians even richer and famous stars from around the world. Behind high fences and guarded gates they leave here completely pampered. Many of the later built shopping malls and hotels are partly inspired by the architecture of Bahia del Duque.

The public that visits this area consists mainly of Germans, Spaniards, Russians, Belgians, British and Dutch to a lesser extent. The average age is older than the other tourist places where you do not have to think of an elderly north but many people between thirty and fifty years. The English you see here are upper class Englishmen, so no red sun-drunken football fans like you in the "Veronicas" area in Playa de las Americas will see it.

In another public hearing, other shops and restaurants. No frikandel sandwiches, drinking establishments with half-liters of beer for a few cents and tourist shops full of junk and counterfeit goods, but shops, restaurants and lounge bars level. Especially the shopping center Plaza del Duque, El Mirador is a good example of this.


For those who do not want to walk there are plenty of taxis available for Dutch standards are quite affordable.

Who even wants to see some of the island it is wise to choose a car. The prices to rent a car anywhere in the world are almost as low as in Tenerife and the fuel you do not let it, because the low taxes, the prices of petrol and diesel are much lower than ours.


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