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Opening a bank account is not very complicated.

It is advisable, first the conditions of various banks to compare before you open a bank account.

necessary; Opening a bank account is often necessary if you want to receive income from a business that is based in Spain. You will also need an account, for example, to pay your gas, water and electricity bill or to take out a mobile phone, TV or internet subscription. Associated card is also an easy method of payment in supermarkets and shops
Open a bank account in Tenerife; When you are often in Tenerife and there maybe and go home to rent or buy, it is useful to open a bank account.

As a non-resident, you can open a bank account. Directly open an account at a Spanish bank, you need to identify personal site. Remember to bring the following:
  1. - Passport
  2. - Statement showing your Dutch address
  3. - Spanish address
  4. - NIE form
• Many banks charge a certain amount per transaction. You can negotiate with banks on the level of this amount.
• If you want to transfer money from your account to a Dutch Spanish account, please keep in mind that to this cost. It is convenient to search from a bank in a strategic place, for example, near your home or near your work, so you can, if desired, easily and quickly arrange things.
• Once you open an account with a bank, you can only adjust this bank most banking.
• Please note the opening hours of banks. Many banks close around 14:00 and go during the afternoon not open.


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