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NIE is a social security number.

It is compulsory to have when you want to stay longer than three months in Spain. This rule was introduced in 2007 and is intended to foreigners to register to settle in Spain.

NIE number, you need for;

  • Opening a bank account
  • (Re) buying a home
  • Working for an employer
  • Registration for social services
  • Driving License

Request for NIE number;

To request an NIE you must go to a police department with information for foreigners "oficina de extranjeros". This can be found in Playa de las Americas. It is best to go early in the morning, pick a number (these are issued by a counter), then go to the bank to make a payment of € 9.59 (approximately). This payment will you stand back in line and wait for them to call your number.


The application you should bring

  1. One completed application for NIE. You can pick up at a police station, or downloaded from the Internet at Ministerio del Interior.
  2. 2 copies of the completed forms.
  3. Valid passport copy.



Also in connection with the language .... speak almost exclusively Spanish.


For residents (registered in Tenerife, Spain)

This rule applies to all foreigners, including those who had already been living in Spain for the power line. There are two possible situations:

1) You have a "carta de residencia". You do not need to do this card is no longer valid, then ask a NIE.

2) You have a NIE, but not a "carta de residencia". In that case, you do nothing, your NIE sufficient.



  • Request your NIE number on time, without NIE you can not do a lot
  • Keep the original, which is only provided once




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